Cake Sizing 

All of my layer cakes are at least 4-5" tall as standard. If cut 'party style' (rectangular slices) the cakes will give more portions than if cut in the classic wedge style. I have included the number of party portions for each size below. Tiered cakes are also available for larger parties and I can work with you to find the right size for your event.

6"  -  12
8"  -   20
9"  -   24
10" -  28
12" -  40

Orders can be placed via email or through Instagram or Facebook.

I usually require a minimum of 7 days notice for new orders. I'm a one woman operation, so my order book does fill up quite quickly especially at busy times of year, so it is best to give as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please note: All flowers are hand pressed and dried for the pressed flower cakes, and so these require a minimum of 8 weeks advanced notice.
Dietary Requirements 

I am more than happy to help accommodate any dietary needs within your order.

Vegan and NGCI options are available for most of my bakes. However, as I handle gluten, dairy, eggs, etc within my kitchen there is always a small risk of cross contamination.

I do take dietary restrictions very seriously and every care is taken to reduce the risk of cross contamination as much as possible when creating these orders.

A 50% deposit is taken for all orders (excluding wedding cakes) upon confirmation with the remainder to be paid one week before.

For wedding cakes a non-refundable deposit of £100 is taken upon confirmation with the remainder to be paid one month before the date.

Free delivery is available to CH1/CH2 postcodes. Delivery outside of this will be calculated by distance. Collection is an option for most orders.

For large, tiered cakes, assembly is required at the venue, so delivery is mandatory. The cost for this would be calculated into the full price quoted for the cake.
Cake transport/Storage 

If collecting a cake yourself, I would recommend transporting it in the footwell of a car and kept cool with the air conditioning in warmer weather.

Most cakes should be stored in the fridge, particularly during warmer weather, to keep them looking their best. The main exclusion to this would be anything with fondant decoration, as the moisture in the fridge will destroy the fondant.

Any individual storage information will be given upon collection if different to above.